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Who We Are:
The Crocodilian Advisory Group (CAG) is the Association of Zoo and Aquarium's first and oldest taxon advisory group, sanctioned by the AZA's World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) in 1986. This elite group of zoo and aquarium professionals specializes in captive management, education, and conservation of the world's crocodilian species and provides their expertise in husbandry, breeding, educational programs, and captive management for zoo and aquariums worldwide. Captive breeding can be a powerful conservation tool for the critically endangered species. Our greatest challenge to date has been the marshalling of the necessary space and resources for the captive management of imperiled crocodilian species. Cognizant of this situation, the CAG feels compelled to redirect its attention to include more focus on education and the promotion of in-situ conservation efforts.

Vision and Purpose:

  • Monitor surplus crocodilians and explore avenues of placement in accordance with AZA guidelines.
  • Monitor status of crocodilian species and recommend appropriate programs.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information.
  • Develop studbooks and SSP (Species Survival Plan) programs where appropriate.
  • Monitor progress of zoological populations of crocodilians and analyze data.
  • Facilitate cooperation and collaboration between colleagues and institutions throughout the scientific and captive propagation community.
  • Seek a concensus on captive breeding and research priorities.
  • Serve as a management advisory group for targeted species.
  • Develop programs and goals to further crocodilian conservation, education, breeding and management.
  • Explore avenues for developing and furthering zoo and aquarium public education and in-situ conservation education programs, as well as the goals and missions of the AZA and the CAG.
  • Continue to develop and enhance the professional development course "Crocodilian Population and Management" for zoo and aquarium professionals and others in the captive management field.

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